BHIVA Standards of Care for People Living with HIV


We are grateful for the support and guidance of all members of the Steering Group. Particular thanks go to those members who gave their time, energy and expertise to the drafting and redrafting of substantial sections of the document: Brian Angus, Vanessa Apea, David Asboe, Shema Doshi, Andrew Freedman, Jeffrey Grierson, Richard Harding, Alastair Hudson, Nicky Mackie, Alex Margetts, Iain Reeves, Karen Rogstad and Liat Sarner. Without their enthusiasm, dedication and expertise, this publication would not have been realised.

We are delighted that so many community groups contributed to the production of the Standards. The Writing Groups had representation from HIV i-Base, National AIDS Trust, North Yorkshire AIDS Action, Positively Mindful, Positively UK, Sahir House, Salamander Trust, Sophia Forum, The People Living with HIV Stigma Index UK, Waverley Care and UKCAB. Community feedback on the public consultation draft was extremely helpful. More detailed information on contributions to the 2018 Standards is contained in Appendix 4.

We are very pleased that so many professional bodies, whose members have a role in providing HIV treatment and care to people living with HIV, were represented on the Standards Steering Group and Writing Groups and have agreed to endorse these Standards. The list of partner organisations and endorsements is given below.

Thanks are due to all the individuals and organisations who took the time to respond to the online public consultation on the draft Standards and those who attended the stand at the BHIVA conferences in Liverpool and London to give useful feedback and advice. We are indebted to Hilary Curtis (on behalf of the BHIVA Audit and Standards Subcommittee) and the BHIVA Secretariat at Mediscript who provided expert technical and editorial support to the project team.

A special thanks to those living with HIV, those affected by HIV and those who may be at risk of acquiring HIV who volunteered their photos to illustrate these standards. It is the first time we have used ‘real life’ models and are extremely grateful to those who have contributed once more to the fight against the stigma associated with HIV. We are very grateful to Positively UK and UK-CAB for their help with organising this.

The entire project was made possible through grant funding from the MAC AIDS Fund, to whom we extend our particular thanks for their very generous support.

BHIVA Standards of Care project team

Alison Howarth, Project Coordinator
Fiona Burns, Co-chair
David Chadwick, Co-chair
Sheila Morris, Co-chair
Ann Sullivan, Co-chair

These Standards were produced in partnership with: